Teach Math

This project addresses the key challenge: “How can we enhance the ability of teachers to provide quality mathematics education?” The primary audience is preK-8 mathematics teacher educators, as well as pre-service and early career preK-8 teachers.

In particular, TEACH MATH aims to transform preK-8 mathematics teacher preparation so that new generations of teachers will have powerful tools to increase student learning and achievement in mathematics in our nation’s increasingly diverse public schools. We intend to accomplish this through studying:

  • the iterative refinement of instructional modules for preK-8 mathematics methods courses that explicitly develop teacher competencies related to mathematics, children’s mathematical thinking and community/cultural funds of knowledge,
  • the development of an innovative model of structured support and mentoring for new teachers in the initial years of full-time teaching, and
  • the use of on-line networks to facilitate ongoing teacher and teacher educator collaboration.

The project will be conducted at six university sites that represent a diverse range of teaching contexts.

If interested, please contact with questions or comments.

Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching - Lesson Analysis Tool

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This project is supported in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation